Carbon-Neutral Jackson Hole

A Resolution to be Adopted by the Jackson, Wyoming Town Council and the Teton County, Wyoming Board of County Commissioners
September 2013

Whereas, Jackson Hole’s natural resources and systems form the foundation the region’s economy, community character, and other essential qualities; and

Whereas, global warming poses a fundamental threat to the Jackson Hole region’s natural resources and systems; and

Whereas, greenhouse gas emissions are a root cause of global warming; and

Whereas, according to the 2009 study “Jackson Hole Energy and Emissions Inventory for 2008,” transportation accounts for 79.3 percent of all greenhouse emissions produced within Teton County, with air transportation accounting for 17.2 percent of those emissions, and ground transportation accounting for 62.1 percent of those emissions;


1. That in order to sustain Jackson Hole’s natural resources and systems, economy, and community character for the benefit and enjoyment of future generations, the Jackson Town Council and Teton County Board of County Commissioners shall implement a surcharge on all forms of transportation over which they have jurisdiction, including, but not limited to, commercial and private airplane travel, rental cars, the START system and other bus lines, and taxi cabs

2. That this surcharge will be used to purchase high-quality carbon offsets, in a quantity sufficient to offset at least 100 percent of the carbon emissions produced by the forms of transportation to which this surcharge is being applied.

3. That 100 percent of the fees collected through this surcharge will be devoted to the purchase of these offsets and the local administration of the offset program.

4. That the Town Council and Board of County Commissioners will actively lobby other resort communities, whose natural resources, economies, and community characters are similarly threatened by global warming, to adopt a similar carbon offset program.

5. That, should state and/or federal legislation and/or regulations prevent or hinder the application of the carbon offset surcharge, the Town Council, Board of County Commissioners, as well as bodies under their jurisdiction (e.g. the Jackson Hole Airport Board) will actively lobby state and/or federal officials to make the changes necessary to allow the implementation of such a surcharge. These bodies will also actively lobby their peer organizations to join with them in working to get the necessary state and/or federal laws and regulations changed.